Hillary is an intuitive Tarologist and has been reading Tarot for over 20 years coupled with her clair abilities. She is a registered member of the Tarosophy Tarot Association and The Monroe Institute and is a student at The College of Psychic Studies.

“I’ve had two readings with Hillary thus far, and my favorite thing about her is the way that it feels like she listens to her clients and her cards in equal measure, putting us in dialogue with one another and honoring the wisdom of both. While both of her readings gave me some uncanny heads up about events in my path (that indeed came to pass), what they especially gave me was a chance to listen to what the voice inside me had already been trying to tell me. The last month has particularly been brightened by what I’ve given myself permission to do, say, and take on since our last reading. I listen to myself better, having worked with her.” -Jessica Lawson

“Hillary is also a master tarot practitioner with 20+ years of experience–I was lucky enough to do a reading with her in January and it was truly life-changing. I can’t recommend Hillary enough!”-Lilly Duffy

Your Tarot reading includes a brief consultation to determine which card spreads will tailor to your wants and needs. All readings include a summary report of your cards, interpretations, and photos of your card spread. Your consultation will be done ahead of your appointment via email or phone call, whichever works best for you.

Love & Romance

Love spreads that answer your burning questions whether you’re in a relationship or a potential one, a love triangle or wondering when you’ll meet the right one.


Your spiritual health and strength is just as important as your physical. From Chakra to palmistry, these spreads will help you identify the connection between your mind, body, and spirit.


Do you attract abundance in your life? Money isn’t all about cash, it also has to do with if you are manifesting what you want. Money and home spreads will answer your questions not only about your wealth, but how you feel about your finances as well.


Sometimes making a decision is what keeps up stuck. These spreads, from The Magic Wand (should you start your own business?) to Dealing with the Devil (your boss) as well as career focus will help you choose which path to take.

Spiritual Development

Whether you have already gained insight or want to learn more, these spreads will help you dig in deeper into your intuition, spiritual connection, and development. From divine beings to past life influences, these card spreads have you covered.

Throwing the Bones

For additional insight, you can choose to add throwing the bones, an ancient divination practice, which can provide a clearer view of the options your cards are showing you that might be clouded. You also have the option of choosing a Bones session separate from a card reading.


Need help with a creative project? Are you stuck or unmotivated? These spreads will help you pinpoint what is for your highest good by calling upon your own intuition and helping you explore all of your options.

Specialty Spreads/Partner Spreads

Everyone has different needs. Should you need something specific that you don’t see as an option, reach out and let me know, the world is yours! I also read partner spreads, should you want a special card reading for you and a loved one. Message me for details.

Check out my guest spot with Miss Melinda, psychic intuitive, Tarologist, and empathic Spirit Worker.


Interested in learning how to read Tarot? Or how to connect Tarot with your writing? Message me below for more information about my classes and workshops as well as my one-on-one mentoring.

“The Tarot Writing Workshop was a blessing for the new year. Hillary’s exercises and incorporation of different Tarot spreads for character development and conflict helped me turn the volume down on my conscious mind and find the courage to start a new novel. I have no doubt that I will continue to use these tools as I continue this project and others.” Beth Gilstrap, author of Deadheadings & Other Stories.

“Hillary’s writing and community support and engagement has always inspired and amazed me, so when I saw the opportunity to participate in a writing workshop with her, I jumped at the opportunity! The Mastering Tarot for Deeper Divination in Your Writing workshop was engaging and truly magical. Hillary created a safe and inclusive environment for the participants to share and dive deeper into intuition and creativity. Her feedback was detailed and insightful, and through that, the workshops, and the guided Tarot exercises,  I found new ways to engage in my writing and challenge myself in a supported way. I recommend Alchemy Author Services wholeheartedly and am thrilled to see Hillary’s passion and brilliance bringing light and growth into the literary world.” -Ashley Howell Bunn, author