Publications & Awards


The Sun Magazine “Pain” 2023 (print)

Santa Fe Writers Project “Good Girls” 2023: Santa Fe Writers Project

Harbor Review “Scarecrow” 2023: Harbor Review

Alice Says GFY “I Secretly Love Not Being Anyone’s Baby” and “Siren” 2023: Alice Says GFY

White Stag Journal “Saint Dymphna’s Playbook” forthcoming 2023

South Dakota Review”Small Town” forthcoming 2023

Scavenger’s Lit “Mothering” forthcoming 2023

Champaign Room Journal “Ghost Ship” and “Letter” 2023 (print)

Take the Fruit, Flood the Desert: An Anthology of Religious Trauma “Oh, Lord: forthcoming 2023


Ruby “Drive-by Funeral” 2022: Ruby


The Rumpus “Vessel” 2021: The Rumpus


Big Other “Past Hertz” 2020: Big Other

Denver Quarterly “Firmament” 2020: Denver Quarterly

The Rumpus “Cunt Rhetoric” 2020: The Rumpus 

People Holding “Like a Lion” 2020: People Holding 


Lost Balloon “Northern Lights” 2019: Lost Balloon

Entropy “You Can Always Come Back” 2019: Entropy

South Broadway Ghost Society “Holes” 2019: South Broadway Ghost Society

Pulpmouth “One Good Dress” 2019: Pulpmouth

Hairstreak Butterfly Review “Bigger,” “21st Century,” and “Yellow”: Hairstreak Butterfly Review

Anomaly “Cosplay” 2019: Anomaly

Stockholm Literary Review “Divination” 2019: Stockholm Literary Review


Memoir Mixtapes “Bottle Rockets” (reprint) 2018: Memoir Mixtapes

Bending Genres “The Women” 2018: Bending Genres

Moonchild Magazine “Sacrament,” and “Incantation” 2018: Moonchild Magazine

Flash Flood Journal “Huckleberry” (reprint) 2018: Flash Flood Journal

Occulum “Four Mothers of Demons” 2018: Occulum

Jellyfish Review “Donor” 2018: Jellyfish Review

Cowboy Jamboree “Coping” 2018: Cowboy Jamboree

Hobart “Three Songs” 2018: Hobart


Sundog Lit “Memories in the Park” (Finalist) 2017: Sundog Lit

Monkeybicycle “Lullaby” 2017: Monkeybicycle

Shadow Map: An Anthology Civil Coping Mechanisms Press “The Last Night You Tried to Have Fun” (print) 2017: Civil Coping Mechanisms

Hobo Camp Review “Ghosts are Just Strangers That Know How to Knock” 2017: Hobo Camp Review

Cleaver Magazine “Wild Hares” 2017: Cleaver

Smokelong Quarterly “The Flash That Haunts Us” 2017: Smokelong Quarterly

Flash: The International Short Short Magazine “Huckleberry” (print) 2017: Flash: The International Short Short Magazine

Heavy Feather Review “Final Trumpet” (print) 2018: Heavy Feather Review

Literary Orphans “baby, baby” 2017: Literary Orphans


The Airgonaut “The Difference Between a Raven and a Crow” 2016: The Airgonaut

Live Nude Poems “Untitled” 2016: Live Nude Poems

Anti-heroine Chic “the doll i was” 2016: Anti-Heroin Chic

Anti-heroine Chic “The Wives”2016: Anti-Heroin Chic

Flash Flood Journal “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” (reprint) 2016: Flash Flood

Matter Press ”Wizard of Oz Snowglobe” 2016: Matter Press

Matter Press “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” (reprint) 2016: Matter Press

Fried Chicken and Coffee  “Scarecrow” 2016: Fried Chicken and Coffee  ”Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” 2016:

Kleft Jaw Press “Becoming Onnagata” 2016: Kleft Jaw

Sargasso Journal “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep,” “Rockabye Sweet Baby James,” “This Never Gets Any Easier,” “People Call You a Space Cowboy” (print) 2017: Sargasso

Spelk “Secrets of the Playground” 2016: Spelk

decomP “Saba on the Shore” 2016: decomp

Gone Lawn Journal “Tajo” and “His Bones” 2016: Gone Lawn

Crab Fat Magazine “Tiger Lily” 2016: Crab Fat Magazine

Ratt’s Ass Review “Mackinac” 2016: Rat’s Ass Review

The Airgonaut “A Good Wife” 2016: The Airgonaut

WhiskeyPaper “Bottle Rockets” 2016: Whiskey Paper

Hobart “I Lost My Orgasm” 2015: Hobart

Cease, Cows “Bang, Snap!” 2016: Cease, Cows

Pure Slush “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” 2016: Pure Slush

Digging Through the Fat “I Lost My Orgasm” (reprint) 2016: Digging Through the Fat

Digging Through the Fat “Bang, Snap!” (reprint) 2016: Digging Through the Fat “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” (reprint) 2016:

Bartleby Snopes “Examination” 2016: Bartleby Snopes

Ressurrection of a Sunflower “Somewhere There is a Field Where the Birds Will Die for You” (print) 2017: Resurrection of a Sun Flower

Cowboy Jamboree “Paladin” 2016: Cowboy Jamboree

Hobo Camp Review “Loss Aversion” 2016: Hobo Camp Review

Mutiny Info Reader “Supertramp” (print) 2016: Mutiny Info Reader

Mutiny Info Reader “Ghosts” (print) 2016:  Mutiny Info Reader

Mutiny Info Reader “I answer the missed connections on Craigslist because I don’t want people to feel alone and I don’t want to feel alone either” (print) 2016: Mutiny Info Reader


Progenitor “Free Lunch” (Print) 2015: Progenitor


NANO Fiction “Runt” 2014: NANO Fiction

Monkeybicycle “A Small Infestation Following a Big Stroke of Luck” 2014: Monkeybicycle

Dogzplot “Things They Don’t Talk About in Parenting Class” 2014: dogzplot

Eunoia Review “Supernova” 2014: Eunoia Review

The Citron Review “Play Date” 2014: The Citron Review


The Missouri Review “Working Writer Series” 2013: The Missouri Review

The Review Review “Writing Communities as Families 2013: The Review Review



Best Small Fictions “Past Hertz” Big Other: Best Small Fictions


Best of the Net nomination “Cosplay” Anomaly, 2020

Wigleaf Longlist “Cosplay” 2020: Wigleaf Longlist


Finalist for the 2019 Big Other Book Award for Fiction “Ghosts Are Just Strangers Who Know How to Knock” Big Other

Voted One of the Best Fiction Books of 2019 Entropy “Ghosts Are Just Strangers Who Know How to Knock” Entropy

Pushcart Prize nomination “Northern Lights” Lost Balloon, 2019

Best Microfiction nomination “Cosplay” Anamoly, 2019


Sundog Lit “Memories in the Park” Finalist, 2017

Best Small Fictions Nomination “Lullaby” Monkeybicycle, 2017

Best Small Fictions Nomination “Eye of the Hummingbird” (b)oink, 2017

Pushcart Prize Nomination “A Good Wife” Airgonaut, 2017

Pushcart Prize Nomination “Examination” Bartleby Snopes, 2017


Pushcart Prize Nomination “Paladin” Cowboy Jamboree, 2016

Best Small Fictions Nomination “Tajo” decomp magazine, 2016


Pushcart Prize Nomination “Free Lunch” Progenitor, 2015

Writers Studio Literary Contest 1st Place: Fiction “Free Lunch” Arapahoe Community College, 2015

High School

Colorado Young Writers Award, First Place in Fiction, 1995