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Westword, 2017 “100 Colorado Creatives” Westword

Hobo Camp Review, 2016: Hobo Camp Review

Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour Saloon, 2016: Secret Lives

Words in Place: Journey to Planet Write, 2016: Journey to Planet Write

Rocky Mountain Revival, 2016: Rocky Mountain Revival

NANO Fiction, 2016: NANO Fiction

NANO Fiction, 2014: NANO Fiction

The Missouri Review: Working Writer Series, 2013: The Missouri Review


Interview with author Steven Dunn on “water & power” 2018: An Interview with Steven Dunn

Dream Delivery Service: An Interview with Mathias Svalina2017: Boulder Poetry Tribe

“Some Top Denver Reading Events You May Not Know About” 2017: Boulder Poetry Tribe

“Café Cultura: The Heart of the Denver Community” 2017: Boulder Poetry Tribe

Smokelong Quarterly “Why Flash Fiction Series?” 2016: Smokelong Quarterly

The Review Review Blog “Writing Communities as Family” 2016: The Review Review


FBomb at ACC, Denver, CO September, 2018, Featured Reader

Bolder Kleft Caucus, Denver, CO September, 2018, Featured Reader

FBomb Reading Series: Apocolpyse! featuring Erika T. Wurth and Jay Halsey. March, 2018, Host

The Wilder Variety Hour, Longmont, CO March, 2018, Featured Reader

Don’t Yell at Me, Longmont, CO Recurring Featured Reader 2016-Present

100 Thousand Poets for Change. September 2016. Featured Reader

Art of Storytelling, Denver, CO September 2016, Featured Reader

FBomb Reading Series: Bad Fame: End of Summer featuring Marty McGovern. September, 2016, Host

Cheeseburger Nebula Galactic Press, Denver, CO November 2016, Featured Reader

FBomb Reading Series, Denver, CO June 2016 Featured Reader

Progenitor Literary Journal Release Party, Arapahoe Community College, May 2015

Mutiny Café Suspect Press Release: Denver, CO October 2014 Featured Reader

Arapahoe Community College Literary Contest: Featured Reader, Denver CO, May 2014

Trident Booksellers and Cafe: Featured Reader, Boulder, CO, January 2019