So You Want to Be Part of a Writing Community…Now is Your Chance!

Please check out my Patreon page all about exciting news involving the ☿ Alchemy Writing Workshop and how you can help!

So who am I? I’m a writer, a teacher, freelancer, and most recently a creator and business owner of ☿ Alchemy Author Services and ☿ Alchemy Writing Workshop. I’m also the mother of a teenage boy. After losing my job during the pandemic, I decided to move forward and focus on creating my writing classes and offering my editing services in order to be my own boss. Nuff said.

Okay, I’m not being totally honest. The truth is, I want to do what I want to do, which is to finish my memoir, offer my editing services and writing classes, and to help YOU. 

​This Patreon has transformed from a simple plan into a full-fledged idea to help writer folks in our communities. I’ve always wanted to help writers learn skills such as editing other writers’ work and to also have the opportunity to teach, whether it be craft classes, a simple craft talk, or workshops. For those writers who can’t afford the privilege and/or the time of getting an MFA, I want these writers to have the chance to do so. But to accomplish this, I need a platform in order to allow folks to learn and teach, attend a free workshop with other writers, take classes, etc. 

I realized I can create what many writers don’t have access to. And I want to do that. I’ve been wanting to for years, but At the Inkwell’s space at BookBar wasn’t’ “mine” so to speak, and neither is At the Inkwell.

So, I’ve created my own space for writers and for you too. To provide an opportunity to learn how to create craft lessons and workshops and teach. The goal is for writers who have no platform or access to an MFA to gain experience in teaching writing and to help other writers learn. In turn, those writers can also try teaching as well, and so on. The goal here is to learn, grow, and provide leadership and opportunities for those folks in the writing community who don’t have the privilege and/or the time of attending an MFA or other writing retreat to learn these skills. This idea is still in the making, but there will be more on this in the near future! This Patreon page will fund the workshops and scholarship participants. 

It took me years to figure this writing stuff out. As a single mother raising a son with epilepsy, I had a hard time finding time to write, let alone read, study, and find my voice in writing. Ever feel like the odd person out? That was me. (Okay, still is sometimes). I want you to feel EMPOWERED and full of knowledge to move forward on your own writing. I also want you to see me as I write my work-in-progress hybrid memoir, something I’ve never done before, and witness my mistakes, struggles, and triumphs. Let’s do this together!

A bit of background: I’m an editor at Heavy Feather Review, I teach creative writing at Lighthouse Writers, and I run At the Inkwell Denver, a monthly reading series. Most recently, I’m the author of Ghosts Are Just Strangers Who Know How to Knock (CCM Press/The Accomplices 2019). I love hybrid forms, prose poetry, and I’m a true crime junkie (always have been). Some of my favorite writers are Ai Ogawa, Lucia Berlin, Carmen Maria Machado, and Faylita Hicks. 

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU. What do you get from me? 

I’ll do your homework. You heard. 

3 Dollars! Pass or Fail? I’ll be doing your homework. You’ll receive access to my monthly newsletter detailing all of the hottest upcoming writing contests, book submissions, the best of the best journals taking subs (including those who support and advocate for LGBTQ, BIPOC, and other necessary voices). This also includes grants, internships, and a breakdown of word counts, themes, and if there is a submission fee. You’ll also get a picture of my cat, Old Man Larry. He’s a crank but he’s cute, I promise.

7 dollars! AP Club: Second level access gets you the monthly newsletter and the extra special Q & A. You can ask me any writing question and I’ll answer it to the best of my knowledge. Guess what? If I can’t answer it, I’ll ask a writer who can! Who will it be? You’ll have to find out! I’ll also provide you with a monthly writing tip and prompt (not your typical prompt, we’re talking pompous level prompt. Just kidding. They’re cool prompts, I swear). 

15 dollars! HGT: I believe EVERYONE is HGT in something, but I won’t step up on my soapbox. Third level access awards you entry to my monthly live streaming event “Tips, Tricks, and Treason” (no one gets their head lopped off, don’t worry). It’s a live event where YOU get to ask questions about writing and we all get to share our fears, struggles, and funny stories about writing. There may or may not be special writing guests in attendance, you never know! Wink, nudge. You also get the monthly newsletter, Larry photo, and all the goods those AP Club kids get as well.

25 dollars! VIP: This fourth level access gets you the VIP treatment. Bet. You get ALL of the levels above in addition to exclusive content to my memoir-in-progress. These will be my drafts (publishing rights dictate here, otherwise I’d share final drafts) of my memoir, but also other writing I’m working on, including a hybrid collection based on recipes from my late grandmother (you’re more than welcome to try them out). You’ll also receive a 15% discount on all of my upcoming writing classes or have the option of using your discount to apply toward the class cost for a scholarship student to attend. 

50 dollars! Scholarship Recipient: Level up with this all-access tier. You get all the previous tier goodies, but on top of it all, you’ll receive a monthly thank you video call to discuss one on one any questions about writing or the processes you might have. You’ll also receive one free copy of my “Book of the Month” pick (any genre) and a signed personal note from me and Larry (my crank cat, in case you forgot). 

Now let’s do this! 

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